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  • Kids who cut

    It’s no secret, American youth are stressed. Contemporary children are born and raised in a culture that expects and even prides itself in overcommitment. In the last decade tweens and teens have begun to report levels of stress that are on par with adults. They and the adults around them have tended to underestimate both the presence and impact of this stress.

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  • Poetry on self-Injury and recovery

    Recently a reader submitted several poems on the experience of self-injury and recovery. We are grateful for the opportunity to share these beautiful pieces!

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  • You are more than your pain: a reflection on self-injury

    You are more than your pain: a reflection on self-injury

    Who are we – those of us who hurt ourselves? What faces do we wear? Do you see us peering out of the bars of the windows of psychiatric units, or walking into the train tunnels when we hear the whistle of an incoming car? Do we walk around with eternal clouds over our heads like cartoon characters, wrapped in blankets of despair? Is this how you project yourself to those around you?

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  • New talk on self-injury and families

    Dr. Janis Whitlock recently gave a talk at Cornell’s Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research about her research on self-injury and families.

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  • Repost: Love is Louder than the ways we harm ourselves...

    Here’s the thing…all of us know what it feels like to hurt. We have times in our lives when we feel down, alone, not good enough, angry or anxious. Sometimes that pain comes from things happening around us, and sometimes it comes from the voices in our own heads. Finding a way to cope with those feelings isn’t always easy — and sometimes we find ways to feel better…that actually cause more pain. Like drinking too much, using unprescribed drugs and cutting or self-injury.

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  • Question from a worried mom...

    Dear Concerned Mom,

    Wow, what a journey you have been on! It’s understandable that you would feel confused; I imagine that the only person who experiences more confusion than you in this situation is your child. In addition to facing deep feelings that may not have been thought about or recognized, your child is entering a phase of very rapid neurological and physical changes – this causes highs and lows unlike anything else we experience over the life course.

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  • Mirror, mirror on the wall: Youth narcissism and us

    We are home to an increasingly narcissistic generation, it is true. Increasingly prevalent empirical data, like that shared by Dr. Jean Twenge in her recent PT blog, back up what we all know and suspect: today’s generation of kids are more narcissist than previous generations.

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  • Speaking the soul: Why kids cut and what we can do about it

    An estimated one in five school and college age youth have intentionally cut, burn, carve, bruise, or otherwise injured their bodies without the intention of committing suicide.

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